How Hauling Buddies Is Solving Transportation Waste

How Hauling Buddies Is Solving Transportation Waste

The majority of the transports are only half-filled or empty. What a waste!


Imagine the number of vehicles passing by the roads each day. The majority of the vehicles are only half-filled or empty. What a waste! A 2016 study by the American Transportation Research Institute, indicates that more than 20% of trucks driving in the US are empty. Further research by World Bank Group Indicates that out of four trucks operating in the United States, one is empty, two are almost empty, and only one truck is filled to half capacity. The empty or half-filled vehicles are highly responsible for causing traffic, delays, and congestion on the roads.

Causes and Effects of Empty Miles

Empty miles have proven to be a major challenge in the logistics and transportation industry. This is mainly due to the concept of deregulation and free-market policies. The transport service providers have for a long time taken charge of the optimization of their transportation costs. An account of their expectations for all empty miles is prioritized when deciding on how much to charge for any type of load.

The lost miles also mean that the transporters are not earning enough income to stay on the roads. These inefficiencies result in high transportation costs and a reduction of the overall effectiveness. The outcome is a loss of potential income and profits by both transporters and shippers. The worst situation is the emission of carbon compounds which is harmful to the environment. Consequently, everyone from the transport providers to the end consumers and the environment result in paying for the cost of the empty miles.

However, contemporary digital developments have played a key role to increase coordination and reduce inefficiencies in the age of digital disruption for most sectors globally. Nevertheless, to an extent, animal logistics remains an exception to the recent developments.

Don’t you think it’s time to change the situation for the better?

It should no longer be acceptable to drive around on an empty vehicle or truck. It is a total waste of resources. It should be a high priority to work hand in hand with a platform that connects logistics providers with shippers in establishing sustainable deliveries to fulfill consumer varied demands in the field of transport while earning profits and in the most comfortable way.

How We Come In

Starting an animal transport company may seem like a highly capital intensive and daunting task that requires its to-do list whilst having to maintain strict deadlines. The best option would be to get in touch with a smart shipping platform that partners you with potential shippers, tailored to your schedule.

Hauling Buddies is a shipping marketplace that simplifies the entire transport process for both haulers and shippers through technology. We provide a platform that allows haulers to match their empty truck spaces with available transport needs on time.

With our shipping communication tool, we match up transport requests with transporters on upcoming routes to make sure that client’s animals get to their destination as quickly as possible. Our platform keeps its members up to date on any new shipments and already scheduled pick-ups.

We specialize in animals because we care. Whether it’s livestock that is destined for slaughter or sale, laboratory animals, zoological specimens, horse transport, or the need for pet transport, we help transporters find potential shippers with no hassle.

Our marketplace provides its users with an efficient, flexible, and easy process to ensure that animals reach their destination with the shortest lead times, at low costs, while attaining the highest transparency.

Animal transporters can register their excess capacity on the marketplace or choose to hang on for a shipper’s listing to bid on. Shippers can list their pet shipping requirements and the system algorithm will seek out a possible match, and immediately a notification is sent to available transporters to offer competitive prices. However, if empty spaces are not available, the carriers are allowed to bid on the cargo. This way the platform users maintain their corporate integrity through the application of the available bidder selection criteria.

As potential shippers undergo a three-step verification process before the transaction is completed, Hauling buddies commit to make pet transport needs easy, efficient, and cost-effective by ensuring that you keep up to 100% of what you quote with absolutely no per transport fee. You can therefore keep all earned profits throughout the process.

To date, the company has connected approximately 4000 clients with its more than 200 animal transport providers. Additionally, over 2 million shoppers have so far listed quotations using the company's platform. Through leveraging data, our platform facilitates ease of trade across the continent.

How To Start with Us

For startup companies, our platform is the way to go. We help startup companies that have no systems in place so that they no longer need to stress about issues relating to their cash flow. With our marketplace, you will be able to contact a shipper directly at your leisure both before and after acceptance of the bid.

As an animal transporter, you can list your excess capacity through our company’s online marketplace. The platform also allows you to message customers directly to discuss the delivery dates, payment options, among other crucial details related to your needs.

Whenever a transport request is listed by a potential client in your area, as a transporter, you will receive immediate notification. Hauling Buddies not only matches you with potential shippers who are looking for transport, but also lists them in the marketplace, and subsequent notification on available spaces is given to thousands of shippers.

Our platform is open to memberships at a low and affordable monthly fee. We do not take commissions on the transport fee charged, so you get to keep all the profits you earn! Our platform is always open for sharing of any concerns and unclear elements.

Our professional team is available on a 24/7 basis to advise you further and answer all your questions before your commitment to join our marketplace.

Are you ready to fill up that space? Get your online business started today I want to be a Hauling Buddies